Monday, June 16, 2014

TED Talk - Ben Sunders Skis to the North Pole

Rating: ****

The north pole is a relatively unexplored area, therefore sparking my interest. Ben Sunders had tried to make it to the north pole once before, and failed. This pushed him to work even harder for his next attempt at the expedition. He did more training, developed a new diet, had new technology. But unlike his first attempt, the second was done alone. Ben wanted to prove to himself that he was not a failure, and his way of doing this was to go alone. Even alone, with the advanced technology, Ben was able to keep contact with his loved one's and blog about his experiences. 

The purpose of the expedition for Ben was to push his limits, and to push the limits of humanity. This concept can be used in the outdoor education course because it embodies what the outdoors is. It is not about beating each other, but beating our own limits. This is a valuable lesson everyone who explores the outdoors goes through, and it is a crucial lesson for success. This should be a lesson taught to the outdoor ed students as after it is learned the enjoyment of the course is much greater.

What I found interesting was how much the ice moved. I know the ice pack moved but I didn't realize that it could move you back over 2k in one night. I also learned about how crucial planing and safety is. Without all the planing done for this trip it would have ended up as the last on had, a failure. website/ accessed June 6 2014

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