Monday, June 16, 2014

Sock it to Me

by: Stephania Varalli
Rate: ****

This article shows different socks that could be used for all winter sports. They discuss compression socks, and socks for snowboarding, downhill skiing, running, cycling, hiking and Nordic skiing. Along with the explanation of the sock, the article adds a picture so the costumer can have a visual. It also includes a brand name, name of sock, price and a website. All of these thing allow for the person reading to easily find the product, or other products from the same company. This article also has some consistencies throughout the article, the first would be compression and the second would be the merino wool. This allows the reader to have things to look for when buying at a store. 

Personality I don’t participate in any of these winter sports but I do ride horses in the winter, so I know how important a worm sock is in the winter. This article allows people to chose the sport they participate in a chose the sock accordingly. The articles also gives characteristics of the socks, so if you don’t want to look up the particular brand you had the good characteristics to look for when shoping.

Stephania Varalli/ Sock it to Me/ Saint-Lambert, Quebec/ St├ęphane Corbil/ 2013/ magazine

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