Sunday, June 8, 2014

What to do when the water runs out
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Water is one of the key elements to survival. Without it you can only survive a few days, but it is always there in the field if you work at it. The following article explains the techniques that can be used to collect enough water to survive almost anywhere. The first technique is a solar still ( make sure all techniques stated are done in the direct sunlight if possible). To do this, dig a hole in the ground and put your bottle in it and then cover the hole with a plastic sheet and pebble right above your bottle. The sun will evaporate the moisture and soon condensation droplets will roll down the plastic and into your bottle or container. Second, place a small plastic bag with a pebble inside it around a leafy branch. throughout the day the heat will rise the temperature in the bad evaporating moisture from the leaves. Finally, collect dew and rain with clothing. when the sun rises wipe down grass and low lying leaves with any cloth you have.

These are only a few techniques explained but I advise you to read it as water is one of the most important components in surviving. Especially in hot areas where you lose water rapidly through perspiration. Even in cold areas, you need a minimum of 2 liters of water each day to maintain efficiency. You can use snow as water but never eat it while its still a solid (melt it) because it lowers your body temperature and that can cause your body to use more energy to keep it warm, which will also makes you thirsty therefore not providing much of a benefit. To function effectively, you must replace the fluid your body loses. So, one of your first goals is to obtain an adequate supply of water.

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