Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Parallel Canoe Rescue

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This article explains the steps on how to rescue a flipped canoe without dragging it to shore and dumping it there. For a better explanation check out the article. Here is a point form summary:

Step 1) Make sure you are parallel to shore as well as the flipped canoe. Kneel on one knee and grab the other canoes gunwale.
Step 2) Keep your back strait and use your legs to lift.
Step 3) Slowly and smoothly rise (keeping your back strait) lifting the gunwale until its resting on yours. Allow water to drain.
Step 4) Don’t worry about a little water still in the canoe it can be bailed later. Extend arms and flip canoe away from you.
Step 5) Immediately kneel down and grab the now upright canoe.
Step 6) Help the paddler back into their canoe.

I believe this is a good article because many people that go canoeing don’t really know what to do if their canoe flips and just try to tow it to shore, which is quite a lot of work. In just 6 easy steps you can rescue your buddy’s canoe and continue on your way. 

The Parallel Canoe Rescue. (2012). Family Camping & Canoerroots. Page 22.

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