Thursday, September 25, 2014

Buying a Canoe: Things to consider before you make your purchase

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Buying a canoe for the first time can be misleading, especially when the price range is $800 to $4,000. In order to make the correct choice, some factors need to be thought of. The type of trip and canoe usage is very essential; some people canoe recreationally, others canoe in the wild. Therefore it is important to know what the canoe will be used for. The second criteria is the weight and number of people per canoe. The number of people determines the size and symmetry of a canoe. For a solo canoe the design is asymmetrical and is about 15 feet long, meanwhile a canoe for 2 or more people is 16 to 17ft long. Symmetrical or asymmetrical depends on preferences. Depending on the weight carried or the number of people links to the maximum weight capacity of a canoe. The freeboard has to be maintained at 6cm no matter what weight. To get a suitable canoe, the average trip length is essential, because longer trips call for larger load capacity. Finally, the material that the canoe is made of. I case of many portages and trips, Kevlar is the more suitable than fiberglass or royalex. Kevlar is proved the lightest, but is fragile. Royalex is good for white water, because it is flexible. Fiberglass is phenomenal, but is quite heavy. Aluminum canoes are noisy and tend to take the outside temperature, but can resist a huge load of abuse.

In conclusion, this article is a reliant source to go back for buying a canoe. It spreads an idea of canoe price, size, and capacity of canoe. The article also helps understand criteria needed to buy a canoe depending on people’s uses and lifestyles.


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