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Be bear aware - Center for wild life information

Be bear aware – Center for wild life information

Felix Shier
September 28th 2014

Rating: ***

                  This article shows ways of how to avoid encounters with animals and how to keep them away whilst camping. The articles methods and rules are simple enough that anyone could follow them.

            This article talks about what the most common cases for attacks are such as startling the animal or getting too close to it, its food, or its cubs. The article also shows many different ways to prevent such an attack from happening, like making sufficient noise whilst walking so the animals know you’re there and making sure you’re hiking at the right times in the right places meaning you should not hike alone, off the trails, or at night. This article also talks about what kind of stuff you should or should not bring. Pets are not recommended but if you decide to bring one, keep it on a close leash, same goes for children except without the leash, just keep them close. A lot of this article has to do with your food, cooking, and all odors in general. Animals in the woods have a very good sense of smell, and if they like what they smell, they will try to find it. With that in mind this articles talks about keeping your food away from where you sleep, cooking away from where you sleep, and sleeping in different cloths then you wore whilst cooking and eating.

            I found that this article had a lot of useful information on how to prevent encounters with bears and other animals. Seeing that I enjoy camping and that I am about to go camping, this article is extremely helpful for me, I plan on using the methods that they show in the article while I camp and hike. This article reminds me of all the things that could happen while I’m camping if I don’t follow the instructions. There are many dangers waiting in the woods that could be simply avoided by following the procedures in this article. If I keep for in or around my tent, all sorts of animals will be able to smell and once they find it, they will try to take it. This article will definitely help me when I am camping, it will change my behaviour because most of the stuff I was already aware of but in the article they talk about stuff I hadn’t thought of before such as changing the from the cloths you cook in, and carrying binoculars to scout ahead.

            This article was very interesting to read because it uses examples of highly probable things and is not far fetched. I recommend reading this article and using their tips while on your own camping or hiking trip.

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