Sunday, October 12, 2014

It’s a Bear’s World in Kodiak, Alaska

It’s a Bear’s World in Kodiak, Alaska

Rating 5/5

In this article talks about how TED O’CALLAHAN visits Alaska's Kodiak island. This article opens up with them on a cliff. They are hiding from a bear and trying to stay out  of site. There simply chose flight and not fight. The article then tells about how they got to Kodiak island. It explains that kodiak bears a brown bears that have been cut of from the mainland for almost 12 000 years.

TED O’CALLAHAN has been in Alaska for almost 13 month. he has only seen a hand full of wolves and nine bears. The number of bears is double after his first day on Kodiak island. Dodge  is his tour guide for the island. He does not try to scare them away but tries to pass by without notice.

The story goes into detail for the 3 days they are on the trip. They talk where they walked. what they ate for lunch and what they saw. This story make me want to go bear watching in Kodiak island.

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