Monday, October 13, 2014

Article #1

Amanda Boyd
Winter Camping and Backpacking Tips By : Geoff Irons
Rating ***
       This article explains how to prepare for winter camping so that you have a fun and comfortable experience. It explains how to "pre-trip plan" when going on winter outings. The author describes all the steps you should take to make sure you will be safe and comfortable on your trip. He describes how winter trips offer different challenges than summer camping. He writes about the various types of equipment you require if you are winter camping and winter backpacking.  He also describes the different types of winter shelters you can make and techniques for winter navigation and sanitation in the cold.  
        This article made me think about how we are going to learn about winter camping and about when we are going to spend the night in a quince. After reading this, I think I will be more prepared and knowledgeable when we learn about winter camping in class. This article has made me more aware about the dangers winter camping can have and also how fun it can be. It makes me want to try it sometime or maybe go backpacking in the snow. This article will make me more cautious when we spend the night in the quince.  The tips for treating hypothermia were particularly helpful. I will be more careful making sure I am prepared and that our shelter is properly made. 
Irons, G. (2014). Winter Camping and Backpacking Tips. REI. [online] Available at: [Accessed 13 Oct. 2014].

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