Thursday, October 23, 2014

How To Build A Survival Shelter
By: Laura Gunion

Rating-    ****

In this article Laura explains the importance of a proper shelter and how each detail can truly affect the outcome of having a nice dry, warm sleep. She really goes in depth with steps and images so the reader gets everything right because everything is key in a survival situation.

This article lists all the essentials tools and materials you’ll need to build yourself the perfect shelter. First, you must find the perfect location to place your ridegepole (the main piece of wood that will be holding your shelter together) and lodge it in between 2 branches of a tree. She then goes on to explain everything needed to insulate your shelter and where to place all the materials to make the ideal shelter for comfort, warmth and to keep rain out. This method is for building a debris shelter. It is a basic and ideal shelter for any survival situation and can easily be done by even the most novice of outdoor enthusiasts.

I recommend this article to anyone who is planning on being in the woods and is always looking to prepare for the worst.

Gunion, Laura. How To Build A Survival Shelter. Natureskills, 2010.  

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