Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Camp Cooking with Aluminum – Anne L. Desjardins


                The article Camp Cooking with Aluminum foil is about cooking in the outdoors with Aluminum foil, and how it can make a bland meal into a memorable one.

                Anne L discusses the importance in aluminum foil, she knows that it can be a make it or break sort of thing for a camping trip. She never leaves without it, ever since she experienced the fresh scallops her father made one camping trip that were delicious. She is informed that it is a wonderful and flavorful way to cook easy meals in a minimal amount of time by creating small packs of proteins, veggies, herbs and spices perfectly sealed and cooked together on the grill.

                Anne also discusses safety measures, once herself she was in a predicament that was solved by tinfoil. One of their members who were to bring the pots and pans had bailed last minute. They were in a panic, that they would have no way of cooking their meals for the next four days. Lucky Anee had brought heavy duty tinfoil that had saved the entire trip.

                Finally Anne talks about how easy and time convenient using tinfoil for cooking can really be. Its simple, fun and brings wonderful flavours to many meals. It is wuick and reduces the mess to a minimum, which is more than practical on a camping trip when washing dishes is a bit of a chore.

                I will personally debate on using tinfoil as a cooking equipment,  we at home already do for the bbq at home.

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  1. Great review, but how does tinfoil provide flavour?