Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Canoes: How to Choose - By REI Staff


The article Canoes: How to Choose is a great article for anyone who is having trouble choosing what type of canoe to buy, and highlights different types of canoes.

This article tells you the advantages to different types of canoes. For example, if you are looking for a smooth, calm paddle, a recreational canoe might be the one for you. Or if you’re looking for an intense ride with running rapids, a river canoe is a great option.  If you can’t decide between the previous 2, you might go for a Versatile Canoe. This article even tells you about design features of canoes. Canoes with flat bottoms tend to have lots of stability, while canoes with rounded bottoms are fantastic for rough waters.

Having read this article, I now have a better idea of what different canoes have to offer. I also think that if I was to go out and buy a canoe, I would in the end make a much better decision and choose one that would be best suited to the type of canoeing I would want to do.  I am not very experienced in canoeing,  but I certainly feel that this article has taught me a lot and would help with my decision making, if I was to rent or buy a canoe. In the end, I think I would make a much more confident decision. Canoes: How to Choose is a great read for anyone looking for a canoe that suits both their skill level and desire for adventure.

Staff, REI, February 18, 2014. Canoes: How to Choose.

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