Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lost and Scared

Wilderness Survival 101 - Chantal Macartney

Rating: ****

     Wilderness Survival 101 is an excellent article that reflects on things you should do if you unfortunately get lost in the woods. The article is split with 5 elements one should focus on if they are ever in a situation like this.

     The article is very detailed and is based on the authors experience, and the experience of her colleagues. She explains when the adrenaline starts rushing and the trail seems to be lost, don't panic. Instead improve your attitude, and prepare yourself for whats ahead. Macartney explains there are five elements that are needed for surviving in the wilderness: Attitude, Shelter, Water, Fire, Food. As the article continues she gets very specific with each category and explains the significance of each element.

     The topic of being lost in the woods is very thought provoking. What would you do? How long would you be able to survive? How would you react? Most people don't get lost in the woods, but it never hurts to know what to do when the unexpected happens. This article is very helpful and factual on the topic of surviving in the woods, and I believe it will ease your mind before you head out on any trip into the wilderness.

Macartney, Chantal . "Wilderness Survival 101" Lost and Scared (2013) 27 Oct 2014 <http://d2868859.u488.quicksilkdns.com/articles/camp/232-lost-and-scared>.

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