Thursday, October 23, 2014

SHARK attack

Shark attacks surfer

By: Euan Stretch

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Shark attacks surfer and survives

This article talks about how a shark attacked Darren Mills while surfing, Darren ends up surviving the attack by hitting the shark on its sensitive spot such as its nose. The shark luckily let go after biting on Mills right leg for about 4 seconds. Darren would have died with loss of blood, but luckily a paramedic and a doctor who were off duty helped Darren until a helicopter arrived and took him to a hospital nearby.


This article taught me that whenever you get attacked by a shark, the first best things to do is hit the shark on its sensitive spot such as the nose of a shark just as Darren did in the attack. Another good idea is to yell for help for anyone nearby to get your attention.


’shark attack surfer Darren Mills tells how he escaped Great white’’UK news(2014):February 23rd, 2014.Internet.

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