Thursday, October 30, 2014

Snow Blindness: Prevention, Symptoms, and Treatment

By Traci J. Macnamara

Rating: ****

We all know that winter is coming and snow is on its way, so I decided to look up common winter injures to learn how to prevent them.  An article on Snow Blindness came up and intrigued me so I desisted to read it. It turns out that there was a lot about this I never knew about. If you’re planning any winter outdoor activities, you should read up on snow blindness and get all the information you need before heading out.

This article gives you fantastic tips on how to prevent and treat snow blindness.  It describes the symptoms in detail, and explains what good things you can buy that will protect your eyes on trips.   

 This article has taught me a little bit more about what UV rays can do to you if you’re not protected properly.  For example, if you do get over exposure to UV rays during the winter it can cause temporary loss of vision, or even permanent damage to your vision. I will definitely make sure to bring good eye protection while going on any future outdoor Ed trips. This article is good for all who spend long periods of time outdoors during the winter, but I encourage all too read.

Macnamara, Traci “Snow Blindness: Prevention, Symptoms, and treatment” October 30, 2014

By: Felicity Chamberlain

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