Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The History of The Canoe - All About Canoes

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     Canoeing is very difficult to get the hang of. This means even more when looking how difficult it was for the first users of the canoe.
     The native people devised a way to ship cargo from place to place on the rivers and lakes of North America. These ships were quite small and were called canoes. They were created from large trees and bark so that they would durable and withstand the harsh waters of the north. They preferred to use Birch tree and Birch bark, as they were tough and resilient materials. The wood was also light so that carrying the canoes across land would be easier. Fur trade began to grow and so many people turned to the canoe to transport their goods. Some people well known for their use of canoes is bill mason, an artist, movie director, photographer and much more. There is also the press dubbed "the voyagers" apply named for their exploits in commerce and travel all over the north. They changed the way people saw the canoe for generations to come.
     This article has made me realize just how hard it had been to portage long ago. The determination of the first users of the canoe has put things in perspective for me. The materials used for the canoes back then made the craft much weaker. The amount of weight and people would have made it so difficult to work with. For this, I respect the natives and the canoe. The article has inspired me to try harder at everything and to keep going when problems occur.

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