Thursday, October 23, 2014

The canoe over canoe rescue
I just watch “the canoe over canoe rescue” and it’s a great video to become more aware of recovering and rescuing canoes
It starts off by explaining all of the steps of what you should do if you tipped your canoe or you’re helping someone else. First they say to position your canoe perpendicular to the over turned canoe and pull it over across your canoe to drain all of the water out and flip it back over and place back in the water. Then grab the side of the gunnels closest to you and hold it the so the other person can climb in and then you’re ready to go.

I thought this video is really helpful because if you or someone else flips your/their canoe it can be very dangerous or unpleasant and just knowing something like this can be extremely helpful if anything like this happen while you were out on the water. I think any beginner at canoeing should watch this video. Even this short video can help you in the long run.      

   "The Canoe over Canoe Rescue," Canoing TV , 19 july 2011. [Online].

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