Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Happy Camper: How to deal with danger- Kevin Callan

Emma Meek

The Happy Camper: How to deal with danger- Kevin Callan
Kevin Callan created a smart and humorous way of instructing people on the dangers of camping and how you can avoid them.

In this refreshing article about the possible dangers of the outdoors it shares the top five most severe circumstances that one could face when going camping. These include: storms, forest fires, bears, waves and swells, and lightning strikes. When the writer introduces all of these subjects he explains what to do if you encounter them, and how you could possibly prevent some from happening to you. He always states that these are the most severe of circumstances, and although they may seem rare, you should always prepare for the unlikely.
I really enjoyed this article and how the topic was portrayed. It was written in a way that really lightened up the topic and was relatively upbeat considering the circumstances. I admire the author for helping me understand that I have nothing to fear when going camping and how these things are rarer than you would think.  He kept everything short and sweet, and explained everything quite efficiently. I would have liked however if he added even more information, because although he explained it all quite simply, I would have wanted to know even more on the subject rather than just “they are big waves”. I did learn quite a few things though, as I didn’t know that half of the things on the list could potentially happen. I enjoyed all the humour throughout as it made it even easier to read. It has made me more precautious and thoughtful of everything about camping, and I am now confident that if something like this happened to me I would know what to do.  I recommend this article to whoever is new to camping and wants to know the information of what to when facing these things and wants to know what to do if they encounter it. Overall a great read that has really changed something for me.

The Happy Camper: How to Deal With Danger
In-text: (Callan, 2014)
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