Thursday, October 23, 2014

|| Tracking Clubber Nine ||

Tracking Clubber Nine

Not every tracking is easy, and it often pays to wait overnight and get help.
By: Derrick S. Schreiber
★★★☆☆ (Good)

Hunting is patient sport, and leaves a story after every trophy.

Derrick Schreiber tells the story of a buck he had singled out and tracked for some time with the use of hunting and trail camera’s. He also tells how you should stay away from tracking when it’s dark as you could easily get lost.

Derrick gets home from work and goes out to his private hunting ground, up into a stand to wait for a Buck he had been tracking. After 40 minutes or so, two yearling does came out of the timber. He watched them for while as they ate and walked around the forest, they became startled and he saw that “Clubber Nine” the buck he had been tracking was coming toward them. The does ran away as he got close and Derrick let his arrow fly into Clubber Nine’s side. The buck ran off into the timber and Derrick went off after him tracking his blood trails. It became dark he left some items to waypoint where he had been. He went home after almost getting lost and came back the next day to find the buck with his friend who arrived to help him with the deer. They found him and brought him back, a trophy.

I have always been against the killing of animals for profit in some respects, while I can’t disagree with the fact that Cattle farms are a great source of income and good food, I hate the thought that animals are skinned alive for the purpose of selling rugs or making a coat. Hunting as a recreational sport has always interested me though, it’s not a mass genocide of animals, it’s “hunting” the skills used to track animals and take them down without being noticed are some I highly regard. I find hunting fascinating and this article really opened it up like a storybook as opposed to a sport.

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