Thursday, November 6, 2014

29er Mountain Bikes Basics By John Higgins

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A common type of bike wheel is spreading nowadays, which is 29-inch bike wheels. Especially in the field of mountain biking, many people prefer a 29-inch bike tire rather than 26 inch. A benefit of having a 29er includes better momentum when rolling, meaning that less effort is put in but more progress is produced or basically faster moving. Another benefit is that there is a larger tire contact causing more traction and control over the bike; this could help when climbing and cornering. The final benefit is a higher attack angle, which means there is less impact when wheels roll over obstacles. The tires are easier to follow through when rolling on obstacles like tree roots or just a difference in height of land. As there are some advantages, there are some disadvantages which include, more weight is added to the bike due to the larger wheels, slower acceleration from a stop, and it is more difficult to make sharp turns. Many types of frames are made for 29ers so it would fit many different sizes of people, but generally it is better for a person who is shorter than 5’6 to stick to 26 inch wheels. People who are 5’6 or taller have the choice of choosing what tires they prefer.

This article gives an idea of advantages and disadvantages of having larger wheels. I can relate to this article, because I won a 29er bike and knowing what my bike can perform in use is essential. The article is also a helpful source of knowledge to compare and contracts different types of bikes. Looking at the beneficial side of 29 inch bike wheel is provided and explained in this article.   

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