Friday, November 7, 2014

The Bear Necessities - Dave Brown

The Bear Necessities - Dave Brown

Rating ***

This artical is very good for whenever you go on any outdoor trip and you possibly encounter a bear.

In this artical the author explains how you should and shouldn't act when you encounter a bear, for example he says not to run or climb trees because the bear will take as an opportunity to come after you, but you should face bear and speak firmly, walk backwards slowly, put your hands above your head to appear bigger than you are, and if you are with a group of people you should gather together and make a lot of noise or divert it's attention (throwing food in another direction so that you can leave). 
The author also gives you some ideas as to how to avoid confrontation with a bear. Recognizing signs of a bear being in the area , like claw marks on trees, shredded logs or over turned rocks, if you see these then take a different path. Another way would be to make noise like talking, singing or sometimes clapping , if the bear hears you coming it will go another way to avoid you.
At night you should also keep your food, cooking supplies and the clothes that you cooked in , in a secure food storage away from your ten and hanged up high.

This artical has taught me a lot about what i should and shouldn't do if I were to encounter a bear and how to avoid confrontation with one. 

Originally published in Dave's Outdoor Life column in the Ottawa Citizen.

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