Friday, November 21, 2014

A Beginners Guide to Orienteering - by Laura Moss


A Beginners Guide to Orienteering is a helpful read that informs you about the sport of orienteering and tools and techniques to become better at it.

This article teaches you about the basics of orienteering, like what orienteering is in the first place, the equipment required (maps, compass) and skills needed. (Navigational skills, map reading, etc.) It also gives you tips on how to orienteer successfully, both competitively and safely. It gives you techniques on using a map specifically (e.x. thumbing, which is keeping your thumb on your current location, counting your paces, etc.)

Having read this article, I now have learned how to orienteer more successfully and can hopefully apply these skills in the orienteering unit in my Outdoor Ed class. For example, thumbing is a great way to know where you are on the map, and how far you are from your next location. Having been orienteering a few times already, knowing these skills would have helped me complete the course drastically faster. This article is a fantastic read if you want to know the basics of orienteering and learn techniques to improve your skills.

Moss, Laura. June 23, 2014.  A Beginners Guide to Orienteering.

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