Friday, November 21, 2014

Fire and Water - Tumpline

                                                  Fire and Water-Tumpline
                           The Traditional Haida Dugout Canoe Makes A Comeback

                                             Rating ***

       The article Fire and Water  was a OK read. It gave a lot of information on the topic of  canoes              making a comeback, but wasn't very interesting compared to the other articles I have read before.
       The article wasn't very organized it jumped to another topic before finishing the topic that it was          on.

      The article gave facts on the history on the canoe,  how often the canoe was used, and it also          talked about now in the 21st century how many are being built, and how much more this canoe is            becoming popular again, and where you can find the material to built a canoe like this.

      This article hasn't really affected me, but it would be cool to have a Haida canoe. While reading this article I thought about how amazing it would be to actually be able to built a Haida canoe, and being able to use one. I learnt a little bit on how to build the canoe, and the facts about it. It hasn't really made me want to change my behavior nor made me think differently.

If canoeing is something you're interested in then this article would be a perfect read for you.

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