Thursday, November 20, 2014

How To Become A Super Human: Cross Country Skiing edition

                           The jaw-dropping benefits of cross-country skiing  - Alex Hutchinson

Rating: ***

You know the popular saying, don't judge an online article by its banal, and unimaginative title, this article is the perfect example on why you shouldn't. "The jaw-dropping benefits of cross-country skiing" is quite an informative and interesting piece on how the health advantages are a huge bonus for playing the fun sport.

    Hutchinson begins the article with an experiment between two groups: Cross Country Skiers and "regular people" who live ordinary lives without formal exercises. The study showed that the Cross Country skiers had nearly double the cardiovascular and muscle fitness than the untrained group. The article stretched on and continued talking about how men in their 80's were 40% fitter, which makes the sport "uniquely effective." According to Hutchinson cross country skiing gives you an incomparable cardiovascular workout, and the thing that makes it the most unparalleled is the fact that unlike running and cycling, your upper body plays a huge role. Also the hilly terrain forces you to use bursts of energy to overcome it, this short but intense workout is said to make your training more efficient

    This article has further enriched my knowledge on the health benefits of cross country skiing. The article has really made me think about how vastly the cross country skiers benefit health wise compared to those who are idle. Also it has revealed how partaking in this fun sport has given the skiers such a tremendous perk to their life potentially adding a few more years to their own. The article relates to our class since we are soon going to go cross country skiing. Now going into it, I believe I will have a much more open mind towards the sport, which I hope will make my experience better and more worthwhile.

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