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Algonquin Park Comfy camping in Ontario's largest provincial park

Algonquin Park Comfy camping in Ontario's largest provincial park
By Laurie March                                                                                  Rating/*****
Posted:  2013 Aug 13
Laurie talks about her past experience in Ontario’s Algonquin Park

Laurie March takes time out of her year to visit some of our countries provincial and national parks. One park will always have a place in her heart and that is Ontario’s Algonquin Park.  She talks about what Algonquin has to offer. Algonquin, 7700 square kilometers of canoe routes, backing trails and lots of forest.  Laurie March said that she has most of the campsites in Algonquin and each of them have their own story to tell. She also talks about how the campsite always has fire wood ready for them and there are some with access to Comfort station with flush toilets and hot water.
She talks about The Lake of Two Rivers Store, Opeongo Outfitters and the Portage store are the only stores in the park that you can get supplies.  The visitor center and the logging museum talks about how the park was shaped to what it was. In autumn, thousands of visitors come to the park due to the active wildlife and the extraordinary colors.

Algonquin for me is a good park. I have been there two times but never knew about this different campsite they have to offer.  I been to the Portage store and have only camp a handful of sites. This article has reopen my mind in going back to Algonquin Park.
I recommend this article to anyone who is planning a trip to Algonquin Park any time soon.

Outdoor adventure Canada (Algonquin Park Comfy camping in Ontario's largest provincial park)By Laurie March

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