Friday, November 21, 2014

Muskota River X ( Family Camping & Canoeroots )


                                              Muskota River X (Family Camping & Canoeroots)

I've read the Muskota River X which is about all around camping. This magazine covers many tips and talks about many facts all around camping. During this piece of writing i will be mostly covering the advertisements/products this magazine talks about and the tips its giving and how/when there useful.

Tips, this magazine covers the Know how to as in what to pack, technique and expert tips it talks about Campfire. It also talks about the family camping and the tumpline. All of these pages with information and *pro tips* contain about 40 pages of the magazine and the magazine is 60 pages long. Inside these topics they cover smaller topics inside them like for campfire it covers the Canoescapes, contributors, community and tutorial on campfire. On tumpline they talk about tumblehome, headwaters, trends and wild Rice. for the know how they talk about in the pack, campcraft, expert tips, camp kit, food, technique and canoe trees. In the family camping they talk about base camp, little explorers, betcha didn't know about...bears and bubble street.

Advertisements/products, This magazine contains about 15 pages on luxurious places to camp/canoe and another 5 consist of just advertisements that don't really talk about anything camping or canoeing related, like the new android tablet. for the 15 pages of the great places you can camp and canoe 10 of them are just full pages of just great pictures of families enjoying themselves canoeing, and having a good time by the fire. The other 5 just talk about these places.

I hope that i have helped you all by learning a bit more about this magazine, it is a good read for people that are none the less new like me to camping in the sense it teaches you how to maintain a good fire and stuff like that. Now you just have to read it for yourself. enjoy!

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