Monday, November 10, 2014

Rock climbing history
Rock climbing used to be a part of mountaineering, but now it is also a sport on its own.

Rock climbing began as a method of traversing mountains. It later became a practiced style for mountaineers worldwide. Eventually, mountains began to be graded in terms of their difficulty. Soon people began making gear specific to rock climbing. Even more people started to join in and soon it became a sport. There was soon countless indoor areas to enjoy the sport. The climbs began to be shorter and more difficult. It is now rock climbing as we know today.

It would seem that rock climbing enthusiast's took it upon themselves to make the sport accessible to everyone, which takes a lot of effort which I respect. The article hasn't truly changed much of anything about my life, other than my respect for the time put into the sport.
I will think about this next time I go rock climbing.

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