Thursday, November 27, 2014

Life lost in freak accident – Steve Kelly
Rating ****

This article is sad as it describes the death of a 33 year old mother who lost her life by having a tree branch crashing down on the mother while camping or sitting under a red gum tree.

The chirnside park woman, 33 was 10 minutes away from her trip home as it was stated by family and friends, the campers all packed up and got ready to leave and the only thing stopping them was the woman's husband from returning a caravan to a farm house on private property off Brimin road in Australia.

The victim and a friend were sitting on a blanket under the tree waiting for friends and husbands to come back until a branch fell right on to the blanket. The friend managed to dodge the branch when she heard the sound of a cracking tree branch, But the chirnside park woman was hit and pinned dieing at the scene.

This article has me thinking of how anything can change in a blink of an eye, such example is a tree branch falling out of no where and killing a friend or someone in a matter of seconds. Also the danger and risk of sitting under tree branches.

Overall this was a sad article, but i still recommend it to any one as it teaches some safeties and precautions to take before sitting under something.

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