Monday, December 8, 2014

Survival Shelters: 15 Best Designs and How to Build Them - Tim MacWelch

Rating: ****
I decided to use this article for my outdoor ed. article assignment because I found that it had been useful to me for the past couple of weeks while we were building our shelters. I really enjoyed reading it and I learned a lot from it.
This article is basically a list of the fifteen best shelters and how to build them (as the title suggests). The shelter descriptions include a picture of the shelter, a description of when you would need it, a description of what it does and how to make the shelter. This all fits into one small paragraph under each picture. This list includes a variety of interesting shelters such as Quinzhees (for cold weather) , Ramadas (for hot weather), Tarp Wings (for if you have a tarp) and Wiki-Ups (for warm weather, but not hot weather). The combination of clear concise summaries of the shelters and the good quality photos make this article very interesting and informative.  
As I said before, this article has helped me through the past few weeks when we were learning about and building shelters in outdoor ed. It was interesting to me because the paragraphs weren’t too long and they didn’t have any information in them that wasn’t needed. I liked that you could scroll through, looking only at the pictures if you were in a hurry, and still be able to find the perfect shelter for your situation. The article has affected how I view building a shelter and will hopefully help me when I go on the “winter camp” trip (minus the snow). I was very lucky to have found this article and I am sure that I will refer to it in the future.
MacWelch, Tim. "Survival Shelters: 15 Best Designs and How to Build Them." Outdoor Life. Web. 7 Dec. 2014. .

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