Tuesday, November 11, 2014

World’s 25 Best Ski Towns - National Geographic

Rating: ***

This article was very interesting, though it was more of a list than an article. The only downfall to this list/article is that it is very long. It covers 25 different ski towns across North America, Europe and some other parts of the world (Japan and New Zealand) giving information on many different aspects of each hill.

First in this article, each of the twenty five ski hills has its own “best for” statement. It explains why a perspective skier would visit that hill. It includes everything from the ambiance of the villages (Mont Tremblant), to the views (Banff), to the amount of history that the mountain has (North Conway). After that short statement, the article goes into a more in depth explanation of the hill. I think that the “best for” statement is to inform you of the qualities of the ski hill so that you don’t have to go through the entire explanation, only to find out that the hill is too difficult or that you just aren’t interested in that kind of hill. After the longer explanation of the hill, there is a section called “ask a local” where they find a local who knows a lot about the ski hill and ask them questions about the accommodations (broken up into “budget” and “swank”), dining (broken up into “budget” and “swank”), party spots, other activities to do while in the town and the best run on the hill.  

I chose this article hoping to find out about some perspective ski hills as well as to compare the ski hills that I’ve been on to the best in the world. The article did not disappoint! It has made me want to travel around the world to go to these amazing ski hills, even though one of the hills is in Quebec (Mont Tremblant). I learned that there are great ski hills everywhere, from France to California. I couldn’t believe it! Now I need to start saving for a ski trip. This article has shown me just how much variety there is in the ski hills across the world, just in time for winter.

"World's Best Ski Towns - National Geographic." National Geographic. Web. 10 Nov. 2014. .

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