Thursday, November 13, 2014

The high stakes of altitude sickness – Matt Colautti
Rating: ****
By: Brice Anderson

I enjoyed reading this article because it is a perfect example of making you think of how dangerous being too high up in the sky can be.

This article is about showing and explaining the danger in climbing to heights that are very high and extreme it also shows a result to someone who climbed to very high extreme heights and ended up dying from it. The article also shows how this can be dangerous and how to avoid it. In the article tells how shiriya shah-Klorfine, who was the fourth Canadian to get to the summit of mount Everest. For 25 minutes Shiriya stood at the top of the mountain looking down at the rest of the world feeling that she had completed her goal while she hoisted the Canadian flag. About 8 hours after Shiriya had reached her amazing goal, she had passed away. The cause was high altitude sickness, the reason why she passed away from this sickness is because for anyone as you get higher up to the sky your body can’t handle it once you get to high cause as your body rises there is less air pressure in the air so our body’s can’t get enough oxygen to our lungs.

This article affected me by thinking more and realizing how something like high altitudes can affect your body which can lead to big problems. It has made me think about how hard this person has trained and worked just to achieve this amazing goal then she get punished with death due to sickness. I learned that you need to know what you are putting yourself into before you go and do it because you need to know dangers and things that can happen. This article has inspired me by wanting to do something big and challenging myself but know everything that could happen and being carefull what im putting myself into, which would also change my behavior towards big risks like in this article.

Colautti, Matt. "The High Stakes of High Altitude Sickness." Adventura 10 May 2013: 14

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