Sunday, December 14, 2014

How to build a Quinzhee snow shelter

How to build a Quinzhee snow shelter 

By Rosemarie Colombraro, Matthew Vincent

Rating- ***

This simple in article gives an in depth and instructional guide on how to build a Quinzhee with step-by-step instructions and images.

This article is exactly what you'd expect from the title. It gives instructions with great pictures of what the Quinzhee should look like at that respective stage, it also gives small tips on that step as well. It starts from the steps of shoveling the snow, to shaping the mound, then creating a layer of snow for the floor, and then, the finishing touches, all while it adds some small, but important, tips that are needed in order for that step to be executed well. Finally, it ends with some winter camping tips that help with having a good time and making sure your meals stay safe and fresh.

This article has affected me because I am now working on a Quinzhee myself. Not only has this article given me clarity on how it should be done. It has also improved my skillset (e.g knowing the right type of snow to put on quinzhee, how thick the walls should be etc.). This has made me think about the history of the quinzhee and how long it has been used and passed on, it seems like it is extremely effective as a shelter, and I can see why it may be a shelter made many times in history. It has also made me think about creating one myself anytime soon.  I've learned many new skills and tricks to make a quinzhee better and safer; an example of this would be, to poke sticks into your walls when building your quinzhee to see how thick your walls are and to test if you need more snow to protect it. This has inspired me to invite my friends, or family to build one sometime, or to let them know what I am doing currently in my own Outdoor Ed. Class (building a Quinzhee). Finally my behavior has changed a bit, my behavior is now more positive towards building a quinzhee as I am now more prepared and excited to make one.

Colombraro, Rosemary. "How to Build a Quinzhee Snow Shelter." Boy's Life. Boys Scouts of America, 10 Jan. 2011. Web. 14 Dec. 2014. <>.

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