Thursday, January 15, 2015


Exploring the Bonnechere Caves and Learn While Having Fun
By: Dave Brown

Rating: ****

This article was a great read for anyone who loves the outdoors, or in this case the underground. If you are curious about the history of the earth or love fossils, caves are surely something you should read about.
The article exploring the Bonnechere Caves was an interesting summary of what one could expect to find while visiting prehistoric limestone caves. Someone who read the article will soon realize just how interesting these natural hidden wonders really are, and all the secrets such as the fossilized remnants they contain. The article explains how Tm Woodward bought the caves in 1955. At that time they were flooded, but he blocked off the water with cement, bringing the caves to their present state. Now they are open to the public and anyone who wishes to may explore them with a guide.
I enjoyed how this article was very informative on a subject that many people know little about. I was amazed to read about how the caves were formed and how you could find fossils that were millions of years old. This article made me think about how interesting our world is and how much there is to discover if we just go explore and travel. This made me realize the importance of travel and the amazing things you can discover.
I recommend this article to anyone who is curious and loves to explore so they can learn about the natural wonders that caves are.

Brown, Dave. "Exploring The Bonnechere Caves." Ottawa Outdoors June 2012

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