Thursday, January 15, 2015


Fire or Ice: How to Know When to Apply Heat or Ice to a Sporting Injury

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If you're an athletic individual who enjoys playing sports and tends to get injured easily, it will be helpful to know how to treat the injuries. This article would be extremely helpful to athletes who want to know how to treat their injuries correctly.

This article explains the types of injuries that you should apply heat to, and the types that you should apply ice to. The author explains that when you have chronic pain, which is a subtle and slow pain that worsens, you should apply heat, by the method of a heat pack. When you have acute pain, which is swift, sudden, and sharp, you should apply ice immediately after the injury occurred in order to promote faster healing. An interesting fact found was that if an injury is swollen, you should use heat.

This article made me considers how to treat my injuries if I was ever to be injured in a sport. I would usually think to simply put ice on it, but now I know when to apply heat, and when to apply ice. I would recommend this article to any athlete or anyone at risk of injury. I think it could be very useful to anyone. "Fire or ice: How to know when to apply heat or ice to a sporting injury".ottawaoutdoors_Fall 2012. Print.

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