Thursday, January 15, 2015

TED Talk

TED Talk: What fear can teach us

By: Karen Thompson Walker

Rating: *****

This TED Talk by Karen Walker was quite intriguing, I found it extremely inspiring. “Fear is ... a kind of unintentional storytelling that we are all born knowing how to do”. This was one of many thought filled, mind boggling and amazing lines Karen used during her speech.

Throughout the TED Talk, Karen referred back to the story of the whale ship, the Essex. She did this because fear made the sailors choose something that had probably been the most dangerous of all of the choices, because it seemed less fearful at the time, compared to sailing through storms, or going to an island inhabited by so called cannibals. Karen then shows us how fear propels imagination, as it forces us to imagine the possible future and how to cope with them as well, instead of letting stress take over us.

As I said earlier, this TED Talk really intrigued me, I thought about my own fears and how scary they are right now, but in the long run they seem like such little problems, because I will have to make much bigger decisions and go through much bigger things in the future. Because, as Karen states “Fear is a way to glimpse what might be the future, when there still is time to influence how that future will play out”. Personally I thought this TED Talk was wonderful, and I would highly recommend it to anyone to watch, because it can really change the way you look at life.
TED Talk -Karen Thompson Walker - What fear can teach us. Accessed January 16th 2013

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