Sunday, January 11, 2015

Astro-Landscape Photos

Astro-Landscape Photos

Shoot for the Stars - George D.Lepp

       This article shows beginners in the world of photography, how to take good and proper photos of stars at night. He states three requirements for a good photo. The first thing is to get out of town. He says this because there is to much light pollution, and therefore you can't see the stars. He recommends high spots like mountains far from city lights. Then he says you need a recent DSLR camera with high ISO settings so the camera is more sensitive to light and picks up the stars better. The third and final step is technique. You have to have a wide angled lens to capture everything and you need to have your camera on a thirty second exposure, that way you can have star trails, comets, and quick small movements.

      This article has shown me how to take proper photos of stars and I will you this in the future. Also knowing to increase ISO for brighter lights will be helpful in the future when I take photos. Seeing the photo he took and reading this article, shows me the endless possibilities off astro -landscape photography, and it has changed how I look at photography. In the end I would recommend this to anyone looking into or thinking about astro-landscape photography and It was very informative and interesting.

Lepp, George."Shoot for the Stars."Outdoor Photographer.N.p., 18 Sept, 2012.Web. 19 Dec, 2014.

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