Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ted Talk animal kingdom

Ted Talk

Photos that give voice to the animal kingdom - Frans Lanting

        This Ted talk was about a popular photographer, and how his relationship with animals is caught in his photos. He starts by talking about how a tribal elder off the cost of Vancouver told him and old story about all animals getting together in an cave deep in the forest and celebrating their unity. They would take off their furs, scales and skins and dance, but then a human came and laughed at them. They left out of embarrassment and never did it again. This story inspired him, so when he goes out and photographs animals he tries to get passed the fur, feathers and scales, and he look at them as though they are people.

      This Ted talk made me think off his point of view when he is photographing animals, but I didn't find it to interesting. I won't make me change my opinion or behavior to animal photography, because what he said didn't effect or appeal to meet to much. Overall I don't think I would recommend this to anyone but I wouldn't tell them not to see.

Lanting, Frans."Photos that give voice to the animal kingdom."Ted. Ted,March, 2014.Web. 3 Jan,

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