Tuesday, January 20, 2015

    Basics of Wilderness Survival Shelters

By: Jason Knight

Rating: ****

This article i find gives useful information to show people how to build a shelter if they are ever in a survival situation. It tells the basics of how to build a good shelter as well as specific types of shelters that are very effective in certain enviroments/seasons.

This article is perfect for a person who doesn't know how to build a basic shelter as it covers every aspect of a shelter including the size of it and also different types of shelter. The article is also helpful in teaching you what can good to use in a wilderness shelter such as what material to use for insulating the heat. I find this article can be very useful if ever needing shelter in the wilderness.

This article has taught me many great tips about what to use as a shelter if i ever find myself needing to build one i think it is a great asset to know how to provide a shelter for yourself if ever necessary.


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