Sunday, January 18, 2015

Outdoor Learning is in a Class of Its Own 
By Kim Thomas

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It is proven that when students take time out of the classroom , their grades can improve.

 This article talks about how the decrease in funding for outdoor learning reaps children of experiences and hinders their learning process. "Teachers would generally like to go on more field trips with their students but parents are reluctant to allow their kids to go to a place that is unfamiliar to them even if it is in their own community" says Kim. She also says that more could be done to push learning to the outdoors. Currently teaching in the outdoors is not covered in typical training for teachers. There is also many benefits of going on school trips such as cross learning. Students could go to a war muse and learn about history geography. The main reason for the decline of school trips is funding  cuts. 

This article made me think about how I am lucky that I get to go outside very often while other students don't get the same opportunities. I also get to go on many trips throughout the year, whether that is out in our surrounding area or to a destination. We are also very fortunate to have forests around our school area to explore.

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