Tuesday, January 20, 2015

   Camping in Algonquin Park

By: Laurie March

Rating: ***

This article offers a great description on the various camping spots in Algonquin National Park.

The author Laurie March describes the camping opportunities of Algonquin Park in this brief article. The article describes how there are many various camping opportunities within the park each campsite offering it's own uniqueness. Such as Mew lake, Pog lake and Cannisbay lake. Camps can differentiate from private and secluded, to open and lakefront. This article also points out some popular camping spots that would be desirable to go to if ever camping in Algonquin it also highlights specific camping spots depending on what type of camping you plan on doing and your method of transportation i.e hiking, car.

This article has made me think about how beautiful Algonquin was on my grade 11 canoe trip it made me reflect on the beautiful Stratton lake when we camped there. This article also caught my eye as me and my dad were planning on possibly taking a trip down there to do some camping ourselves. This article has given me some useful knowledge about where to go in Algonquin park if i do find myself going there in the future.


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