Sunday, January 18, 2015

Camp Fortune Ziplining - Resourse

Rating : ****1/2

Camp fortune's zip lining is located in Chelsea, Ontario. About 30-40 minutes away from Orleans. Camp fortune offers 3 different types of Zip lining parks. They have The Explorer, The Amazone, and a Children's park! Each course has different zip-lines and aerial obstacles. The Explorer is the longest zip-lining course, It takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete it, I would recommend this course for beginners/ first timers, because it is a little easier then the Amazone. The Amazone has 24 new obstacles and 7 zip lines, The Amazone take around an hour to complete, This is a little more challenging but it has a lot less obstacles. The Childrens park kinda explains itself. Its a park for children. It has miniature zip-lines for young kids with 2 obstacle courses.

I would recommend Camp fortune's zip-lining for anyone who wants to experience a new adventure, and is willing to push themselves. I found it more fun trying things I was almost certain I couldn't do. Like walking across a tight rope without using my hands at ALL. Most of the time I wouldn't succeed, but you would be surprised at what ones you do actually accomplish! I would recommend that people afraid of heights stick to The Explorer course, because it is less difficult and it would be less terrifying for you. I think that this would be a great school outdoor ed trip, and that's why I chose to do this as my Resource. Maybe someday this could be a trip for upcoming Outdoor Ed students

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