Thursday, January 15, 2015

Classroom Without Walls - Molly Walsh
****/5 - Great

This article stresses the fact that children in general need the outdoors to live a healthy life. 

In this article talks about the students in Thatcher Brook school who took a field trip to Green Mountain Club's 50 acre headquarters. There they learned the difference between a salamander and a lizard (as well as many other things). Molly then states some important facts about the great outdoors like, less then 15% of kids from 8-18 walk or bike to school.  She then talks about why kids are less likely to go outside. She says that parents being busy/ lack of transportation plays a sizable factor. Molly then says that some kids are not the adventurous thrillseeker that other kids and that its up to the childs family to bring there kids outside with them. The article then says that the outdoors is making a comeback and that there are many organizations that are pressing for children to experience the outdoors.

This article made me think about the generations to come and how the outdoors is battling with new technologies. It also encouraged me to continue exploring the outdoors after this course is over as well as pass on my experience in the outdoors to my family so they can pass it on as well.

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