Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ted talk- The ocean’s glory and horror

Outdoor-Ed Article- Ted talk 

                                                 The ocean’s glory and horror By: Brian Skerry                                                         Rating: *****

    Each and every time, as we think of the outdoors all that seems to come to mind are the mountains, trees, camping, but we never seem to remember our oceans, as part of the great outdoors. As this Ted Talk explains, outdoor life happening underneath the waves is such as important as life on the surface of this earth.

   As Brian Skerry a National Geographic Photographer explains″ The Ocean isn't a grocery store and we can’t keep taking without experiencing serious consequences as a result″. Brian brings to our attention the goal behind his photographs, as he intends to only to show-case what was left of today′s ocean and the magic that happens underneath ,but also its horrors. He discusses and brings to our attention factors such as hunting and global warming that have greatly impacted the undersea world. These factors, have led to a 90% decline of the big fish of he sea such as tuna, billfish and sharks that have experience an astonishing decline in their population over the last 60 years. Brian emphasizes on some of the most terrible stories surrounding multiple different species of animals that have suffered because of these factors, but also brings to our attention some inspiring stories that he had witnessed. As he comes across some on the most protected marine reserve found in Goat Island, New Zealand he comes across some astonishing facts.  He realizes that some of the most protected marine′s ocean are much healthier today, than they were 60 years ago as scientist race to help protect and conserve their environment in hopes to restore its natural habitat. From his story, he shown us that with a little protection, life in the ocean will restore itself as populations of fish, corals, kelp and other organism will come back to once again form, the once lost wonders of the undersea world.

    What this article has taught me is, to never take for granted our great outdoors, because in the next 60 years it might not be what it used to. Also, that most of the next generation will probably grow up never seeing even the slightest bit of the wonders of the sea world. Although with a little help, life will restore itself as it is never too late, to start protecting our oceans.

Skerry, B. (2010). The ocean's glory -- and horror. [online] Available at: [Accessed 15 Jan. 2015].

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