Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lewis Pugh's mind-shifting Mt. Everest swim

Rating *****/5 Excellent 

With the rise in population and global temperature we are in need of some drastic changes.

In this ted talk  Lewis Pugh shares his experience of his ice- cold Mt. Everest swim. He talks about how he planned to swim in a lake left by melting glacier and what lessons he learned from it. He talks about how the first time he attempted the the swim he swam aggressively and he found that he was unable to finish the swim across the cold lake. His advisers then said that he should take a more relaxed approach and think more about how he should swim for maximum effectiveness, and not go into it blindly. After he thought about it he was successful. The lesson he learned was very valuable. He learned that life should not be lived aggressively, we should take a more thoughtful approach and think about the causes of our actions. He also learned that the same methods that have worked in the past will not work in every situation. 

This TED talk made me think about how we are living our lives and how we should care more for our environment and the generations after us. We need to make smart decisions from here on out and realize the warning signs that nature is giving us. We need to change the way our systems work because we are on a vicious downward spiral that can be corrected. 

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