Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Footwear For Canoeing

By: Laurie March

Rating: ***

This article offers useful tips on the proper footwear to wear while canoeing.
As well as other advice.

This article talks about the individual's experience for footwear when he goes canoeing. The writer also talks about how there they like to use sandals for when they're in the canoe and hiking boots along with hiking socks for when portaging on the trail. It also gives advice on a certain type of medicine for when you get blisters on your feet. Which could be very useful for individual's who are portaging often on many different trails.

This article has given me useful knowledge for when i happen to go on my next trip canoeing. I know now that i could use this knowledge to make portaging on the trail easier for me. It also has given me knowledge on how to treat blisters as well if i ever did need to do so.


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