Tuesday, January 20, 2015


                                                                   TED TALK
9 life lessons from rock climbing
This TED talk talks and helps people learn important life lessons from rock climber. Matthews Childs learned from 35 years of rock climbing 9 important lessons from rock climbing.
These 9 life lessons were don't let go, hesitation is bad, have a plan, the move is the end, know how to rest,  fear sucks, opposites are good, strength is not needed, know how to let go.

The nine life lessons that I learned and I actually think are really helpful are Life lesson #1- don't let go- never let go because you always feel like letting go way before your body does and hang in there and you will find a better way then falling. Life lesson #2- hesitation is bad- title speaks for it self and momentum is good and never stop because of hesitation. Life lesson # 3- have a plan- When your climbing, you always want to plan ahead because when you plan ahead towards the hardest part, you know what to do when you reach a hard part and it will lead to success. Life lesson # 4- the move is the end- each individual move you have to complete. Life lesson # 5- know how to rest- you always have to take time to rest to regroup, calm yourself, focus and keep going. Life lesson # 6- fear sucks- Title speaks for it self again because fear always take your mind to worst possible decision and destination. Life lesson # 7- opposites are good- the easiest looking destination and choice isn't the best, sometimes the opposite is good. Life lesson #8- Strength is not needed- Having strength means nothing to rock climbing as typically people think you need arm and leg strength to succeed, balance is more critical then strength. Life lesson #9-know how to let go-  once you know you cant keep going and you know its going to happen, you need to know how to let go because it might save you some broken bones and hospital bills if you climb anywhere besides Canada.
This TED talk has made me realize how much time and effort it takes to rock climb and how scary it can be. Thats why the only rock climbing I do is with fake mountains and a good stabled rope.

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