Thursday, January 8, 2015

Golden Rules

Golden Rules
Sabrina Doyle
Rating ****

Golden Rules is an interesting article about heli Skiing in and around the town of golden British-Columbia.  

Sabrina Doyle the author of this article, a novice skier talks about her experiences Heli Skiing in Canada's north and about the great time it was from the falls to the big accomplishments. She also talks about the culture and many ways of life in the rockies she gives you some good places to stay and things to do and how accepting and the locals are of people getting out to enjoy some skiing or to race down the slopes Golden has something for everyone

I liked this article because it never got boring even though, it was fairly long.
It taught me about the skiing life and how both young and old can go heli skiing and have the time of their life and the miraculous views that come with it.

I would definitely encourage you to read this article it if not for the information about skiing then for the incredible stories about people from the area.

Simon C.

Doyle, Sabrina. 'Golden Rules'. Canadian Geographic 2015: 18-26. Web. 8 Jan. 2015.

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