Thursday, January 8, 2015

Rider of the Year II

Rider of the Year II (Video)

Rating ***.5
By: Alex Parsons 
This video got a three and a half star rating because it wasn’t great. I would have watched and reviewed “Rider of the Year III” but for some reason I couldn’t find it. “Rider of the Year” is an annual video put on by tribe about the past year of paddling. It has categories of short clips of the best drop (waterfall/slide), best trick (playboating), best line, down river freestyle, rider of the year (overall) and carnage. The categories feature the best footage from the past year.
Rider of the Year II” didn’t meet my expectations because the freestyle wasn’t really freestyle in my mind. The freestyle was more who could go bigger on the airscrew (a role in the air), which is fine but I like to see a clean airscrew. The tricks needed more style to them and the music on the soundtrack wasn’t very good as well. The “rider of the year II” seemed to have huge waterfall footage which was great as was the down river freestyle was also pretty good. The winner Lane Jacobs killed it with a huge free wheel on a 53 feet waterfall called Money Drop in Oregon 53 feet is pretty high for a free wheel. The overall rider of the year that year was Dane Jackson. The runner up was Evan Garcia. I agree with this because Dane Jackson had creeking and playboating shots. Evan Garcia seemed to only have ceeking shots. 
This video affected me by making me want to go paddle. This video made me think about going kayaking and setting goals for myself even if they are small goals. I learned that playboating has improved greatly in the past couple of years. The tricks are cleaner and are being linked into longer and more impressive sequences. The video inspired me to get better at kayaking. I can’t say as a plan to get as good as the professionals in the video, but I want to be at a higher level that I am now. It also inspired me to try something new; to catch a bigger wave or do something that I have never done before. Not just this video but all paddling videos have, in some way, changed my behavior to go paddle and to improve my paddling. Instead of being on the water for two hours, I want to be out on the water all day (with a lunch break of course).

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