Thursday, January 15, 2015

Love The Outdoors - Camping Checklist

Rating ****
Before a camping trip, I tend to feel that I am forgetting something important and don’t remember what it is, this is why I look it up on this resource. This website gives many lists of different types of gear or anything used while camping which includes anything form a tent to a sunscreen. Just looking at many choices of camping utensils may trigger a memory or clue to what I may have forgotten.

 “Love the Outdoors” offers many extra tips and guides; the site includes a checklist of all of what a first aid kit is consisted of including tips on handling a first aid kit. It is also stated that preparing before time is essential, which includes preparing equipment, telling people about the location, and providing pone numbers. This source can also introduce an idea that is practical and haven’t been thought of before. Another helpful factor from the source is that it states even the little things that aren’t as important, but make the camping experience more enjoyable.

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