Friday, January 16, 2015

Ted Talk: Why bother leaving the house

By: Ben Saunders
Rating ***

In this Ted Talk, Ben answers a question, the question was “Why bother leaving the house”. He goes on to say on to say theres no real point, other then the plane addiction. Ben then went on to talk about a man how could have been the first one to climb mount everest, and how not knowing if he really made it, made other people want to finish his journey. He then talked about a group of man who wanted to be the first one to reach the south pole, only to find a norwegian flag then. The man and his group the walked back to the coast, all five men died on there way back. Ben then decided to try to finish their journey, he wants to be the first one to walk to the south pole from the coast and then back, hoping to finally find the answer to the question, “Why bother leaving the house”.  

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