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Ted Talk (Article Assignment #5) Hidden Miracles Of The Natural World - Louie Schwartzberg

Ted Talk
By:Suryadev.A                2015/01/08

Hidden Miracles Of The Natural World - Louie Schwartzberg

Rating - ****

Mr.Schwartzberg talks about the things that you are always surrounded by but can never see. From the earth to the smallest of things like the DNA. From seeing how dragonflies fly by viewing in slow motion to time lapse of movements that you can’t see like the weather changing.

Mr.Schwartzberg has made an IMAX movie called “Hidden Miracles Of The Natural World”. This movie talks about the stuff that happens around us that we humans can not see. He starts off by talking about the movement that we can not see due to it being too slow or too vast for us to understand. Such as a mushroom growing or a vine growing beside a tree. He uses time lapse to show you how these plants grow. He also talks about the connections that humans have made. Such as aircraft patterns or ship movements. He plotted all of these in the correct positions around the world and time lapsed the video to show the connections in travel that we can not see. Mr.Schwartzberg describes this as “The Anatomy Of The Earth”. He then proceeds to speak about the things that happen/move too fast for us to see. Examples of birds flying, lizard running on water and how dragonflies fly are shown. All of these examples are slowed down using Slow Motion technology. This allows the viewer to see how the birds fly and lizards walk on water. He shows that by using this technology we can create robots that can fly like dragonflies. These robots can help with surveillance or emergencies. He then switches to talking about the things in nature that are too small to see such as the bacteria living on you all the time. Mr.Schwartzberg talks about how we can create nanobots that can repair tissues in you without you even knowing. Spider silk is also something that is talked about how it is much stronger than steel. He says that enabling us to see something that small in that much detail brings us closer to being able to produce new engineering materials. Lastly Mr.Schwartzberg talks about how people just go on about their lives everyday interacting with chemicals, bacterias, etc without even knowing what is going on. He says that this feeling of not knowing “Inspires us to become explorers in our own backyard”.

I knew how there are stuff happening all the time whether it is too fast/slow or too big/small for us too see. What I didn’t know was how important it was too us. I did not realize that we could create machines so small that they could be inserted in our bodies and we would not know about them. They would monitor/improve our health. It has made me think about the stuff that happens all around me. For example there are probably millions of different organisms crawling on my skin right now but I can’t feel them and they do not seem to affect me in any way. I have learned about the patterns that people make when they travel like airlines and ships. I have also learned about how Nanobots could be the future of medical science where a simple robot in you that is so small that you can not see can help you get better without the need of a doctor. It has inspired me to pay attention to the details in life more because a lot can happen in any given time you just need to pay attention to notice it. As it will make me think about the details more but it will not make me change my personal behaviour unless something relating to thing will impact me in any way. For Example: Even though I know now that there are different things happening at this moment they will not make me change my behaviour because they are not impacting me in any way.                                                                                                                          

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